Museum VR

 Museum VR is an ongoing project with essential goal to gather the greatest collection of ancient art that has originated from all over the Earth and currently being publicly displayed at many prominent museums around the world, and to make it available for modern day artists, designers video producers and VR/AR developers.

Such task was only made possible recently with the advancement of 3D scanning and photogrammetry techniques. Museum VR series consists of the real world works of ancient art that were photo-scanned, optimized and placed inside a virtual museum environment, created for Unreal and Unity Engine. Using Unreal and Unity Engines allows Museum VR to help video games developers working on all platforms, designers and architects to get inspired and to embed ancient art in the variety of their projects.

Is it possible that numerous brilliant artists behind these works of art, could have imagined their creations living through the thousands of years to be re-introduced into the context of a modern living, breathing world, to be digitized and placed into the virtual realm, where they could continue to inspire people and literally be preserved forever. 

Museum VR  -  Ancient Cultures Edition I

This is a combined and enhanced release of the previous 3 volumes of Museum VR, consisting of ancient Greek  & Roman, Egyptian and Asian cultures real world works of art. Availible on Unity Asset Store.